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Our Story

Once upon a time, was a very talented, passionate, ambitious, and determined lady. She was fond of making home made sweets, and she happened to have an academic background in interior design, and because she was creative, she decided to combine both of her skills, and that was when the magic started to happen…

She started designing the cakes and productions from scratch; she drew the sketches; she bought the best ingredients; she created the flavor combinations, and created the best mixes, and the outcome was divine tasting and looking cakes!

After a few years she decided to turn this talent into business, and decided to share her secrets and skills with the world, and started teaching small groups of ladies. And because good will and hard work always pay back, she was finally able to open a store that she could call her own, with only one employee besides herself…

After spending too many, sleepless nights working, and because she was a blessed with a very successful husband, who happened to be a very successful business man, and with a few beloved kids who were just as talented as their mother, and as successful as their father, they together started forming the full picture perfect.

The one employee, became two, five, ten, even 50 employees; the menu of different cakes started to also offer cakes, drinks, and chocolate; the small, basic kitchen turned into a spacious, modern, one…

But because they're a family of bond, passion, and determination, one happy ending was not enough, and they were blessed with even establishing another store under the same name, with many more to come God willing.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the real story of Madam Hilda and her beloved family; the true story of Chez Hilda

Al Swaifyeh

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