About Us


Back in 1987, was the birth of the unique, glamorous, long standing, and delicious Chez Hilda Patisserie and Confectionery, right in the heart of Amman, in Sweifieh district. Ever since, we have been renowned for our cozy and cheerful ambience, studded with Christmas decoration all year round, while our cakes and productions have been recognized with artistic beauty and divine taste.

Along the years, we - Chez Hilda - have evolved tremendously, crowning the years of continuous success and achievements with opening Chez Hilda Bistro in Abdali Boulevard, providing the same old goodness and love filled bites and drinks, along with a cluster of homemade dishes and appetizers in a more modern and sophisticated ambience.

Conveniently, our Chez Hilda delicacies can cater to your events and occasions, being the birthday and wedding specialists, while our staff guarantee you a hassle free experience, thanks to their professional ability in building and managing your event from an idea, and all the way through to a joyful and memorable reality.